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What Neutral Paint Colours To Use In Your Home Right Now

Updated: Mar 28

Do you want to know the perfect colours to use in your home right now...beige, taupes and creams are the in colours right now!

There has been a universal shift in warmer colour palettes, but specifically bright neutrals that don't have yellowy undertones. These colours are the perfect choice to make your home feel warm and inviting. We are saying goodbye to the dreary greys and stark whites.

Of all the neutrals, grey is the one that had the biggest hold on designers. However, grey is now slowly being replaced by beige. This warm neutral is an elegant and timeless colour which ranges from sandy, cream tones to near tan shades. Beige is the versatile neutral of the moment.

The main rule to follow for the beige trend is not to overdo it. Use it as your primary colour and then add your colour pops with it. For example, if you go for beige walls, choose a warm coloured dark sofa. Rather than beige on beige, pick your favourite beige tone and mix it with strong colour like navy or forest green. If you are afraid of a boring beige opt for either end of the spectrum, the darkest or lightest beige shade, avoid the mid-tones.

Laura Sheridan

Interior Designer Dublin

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