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Things To Consider When Choosing Paint Colours

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Interiors Tips for things to consider when choosing paint colours for your home -

With so many brands and options, choosing paint colours for your home can be hard. We have put together some key points to focus on which may help you make the choice. Check out our tips below.

  • Pick the mood you are trying to create

Dark and moody or light and airy? Do you want to create a small cosy space or a large bright space? Focus on the colours you gravitate towards.

  • Choose warm or cool tones based on flooring

Does your flooring have a warm or cool tone? Warmer undertones look more red, yellow or orange and cooler undertones look more blue or purple. You want to try match your walls to the opposite tone.

  • Choose complementary colours

Do you want to create a space that has dimension and draws attention? Contrast is an important design principle, remember you don’t have to default to painting details like ceilings and woodwork white, you can use a neutral colour with very little saturation to still create a calming, bright space.

  • Try stick to the 60/30/10 rule

To keep your space balanced, this is an easy way to create a colour scheme 60% should be a dominant colour, 30% a secondary colour and 10% an accent colour.

  • Pick paint last

Whether you are keeping existing features or starting from scratch, you should try choose your flooring, furniture and textiles first before paint. These features can be a good starting point to pick colours from which in turn will create a very cohesive feel. There is also a lot more paint colours to choose from making it an easier job after you choose some main features.

Laura x

Irish Interior Design Studio based in Dublin, Ireland.

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