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Our Favourite Interior Design Styles 2023

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Find out our favourite Interior Design Styles for 2023 below.

MODERN ORGANIC design style is a blend of modern minimalism with nature. It places an emphasis on using natural materials, a neutral palette, rich textures, warmer colour tones, greenery and curved lines within a cool contemporary interior aesthetic.

This can be achieved by combining a modern style with minimal forms and natural textures. Using light-toned woods paired with darker accents making subtle statements in this less is more style where the minimalist approach with organic shapes and soft curved lines add the visual interest.

JAPANDI design style is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It is a blend of the Japanese value of slow living and simplicity and Scandinavian hygge which embraces comfort and wellbeing. Using muted tones and or pastels with plants and greenery give a sense of indoor outdoor living.

This style can be achieved by combining smooth modern lines with sleek functional elegance. It is a minimal but welcoming style, focus on natural materials, use both light and medium coloured wood along with stone, resin, rattan and bamboo to break things up and create a variation in texture.

MID-CENTURY MODERN design style is focused on clean lines with a mix of organic and geometric shapes. The simpler the better, sometimes the most basic mid-century modern furniture pieces can be the most beautiful. This style is all about functionality, no piece is without purpose.

This style can be achieved by using neutral tones with splashes of bright colours like an accent furniture piece. Larger statement pieces are used rather than lots of small items to stay in line with functionality and avoid clutter. Don't be afraid to mix and match some organic and synthetic materials either, to achieve the mid-century modern look.

Laura x

Irish Interior Design Studio based in Dublin, Ireland.

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