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How To Make Your Rented Property Feel Like Home

Interiors Tips for easy ways to make your rented property feel like home -

Trying to make a rented property feel like home can be hard with rental agreements on what can and cant be done, but remember it is not impossible! Check out our tips below.

  • Personality

One of the best ways to make a space feel like your own is by decorating with pieces that are very you. Add accents using your favourite colours, hang unique art pieces you love and add photos of family and friends.

A great way to make the space feel like yours is focusing on areas that give you comfort. Start with wherever you like to spend a lot time, if you love sitting on the couch in the evenings create a cosy comfortable living room with a good couch, soft pillows, throws and add a candle with your favourite scent!

  • Lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference to your home. Check what the lighting is like in your rented apartment, is it too dim or harsh? Think about what your lighting needs are for each room. Add good bright lighting to work areas and dim soft lighting to bedrooms and relaxation spaces.

You should also try add some statement light fixtures to your apartment to bring in your personal aesthetic!

  • Colour

Freshen it up. If your rental allows it, try make painting the walls a priority. A light, bright, neutral colour will make a great impact opening up the space in your apartment. A nice warm neutral colour will help add some depth to the room and ensure it doesn't feel clinical. It also is a great base for any furniture or hanging art on the wall.

  • Plants

Add some colour and life to your living space by adding plants. They will freshen up the indoors and make the space feel really inviting and homely.

  • Storage

Try to work on decluttering your space. Apartments can be compact and it can get overwhelming when there is a lot of clutter. You will not feel comfortable and relaxed in a messy space with no functional storage. Try declutter often and create proper organisation and storage solutions which will be a great investment for your apartment.

Follow these tips to make your rented apartment feel like home!

Laura x

Interior Designer Dublin

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