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How To Enhance The Natural Light In Your Home


Choose soft bright paint shades which will reflect the natural light that is entering the room instead of absorbing it. White tones will open up the space but try avoid a brilliant white as this can make the room feel cold, opt for a warm off white instead. A satin or eggshell finish will help scatter light and give the illusion of more space.


Using a bright flooring or one with a polished finish will help reflect the light making the space appear larger and more airy. A light coloured flooring can especially be beneficial in rooms with limited natural light.


Reflecting light will guarantee a brighter and more spacious feel in a space. Carefully position mirrors opposite a natural light source to help reflect natural light back into the room. Use mirrored, glass and metallic accessories to help make the most of the light in the room.


Be aware that if the daylight outside is being blocked you wont have a good chance of improving the interior light. Trim back any trees, bushes or plants which may be in direct view of your doors and windows blocking light coming in.


Try put a lot of thought into the layout ensuring you are getting the best use of the space. Limit bulky furniture which cramps the space and blocks light. Move large furniture pieces away from the window to allow as much light as possible flow in.

Artificial light:

Pay attention to corners, corridors and alcoves that don't get a lot of natural light and boost brightness with artificial light which will enhance the space. Use dimmer switches to allow you to control how the space is lit during the day as the light changes.

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