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Do you think Interior Design services could be too expensive for you?

Updated: Mar 28

Interior design services can be accessible and affordable to a range of clients, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits of professional design expertise without breaking the bank.

Many people don't even reach out as they are afraid they won't have the budget. Through various strategies and approaches, we want to ensure our services can be an option for all.

Each project is different, therefore they are quoted on that basis, but we work off flexible services packages which is a range of service packages to accommodate for different budgets. These packages may include options for full-service design, design and supply, consultation-only services, or even virtual design services, allowing clients to choose what suits their budget best.

I also offer a very budget-friendly concept board/mood board option starting from €150 per room, where I will produce a concept and mood board with additional shopping links so you have the option to get some design expertise and ideas for your redesign but you have the freedom to implement the ideas yourself.

Please send an email to with any enquiries.

Laura Sheridan

Interior Designer Dublin

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